Caution to friendship

The general thought given to the word, “friend” has been greatly over exaggerated. You see people think friends are supposed to be the people you know and once you share a few thoughts and moments with them, the word already fixes itself into place.There is nothing like the word friend anymore because no one truly cares about anybody. People call you friend, because you can easily go out and have a good time and thats it. So later, you tagged as the friend i go out with anything more. You see people just don’t care. Now, the word friend is just a label to identify people that you know, people that need something from you, people that keep you there for a specific purpose. Because now friendship is bought at a million dollar store and those that can afford it buy and even get a discount of “I’m not supposed to care” but be there when i need you. And those that cant afford settle for the thrift shops where its affordable but the real goal is the quality of it, so that when they use it, they’ll value it.

Friendship isn’t a battle of who can afford it. Some people are looking for friends to make decisions with, to be happy with and bring out the positive side in them. But who cares. No one. People have had it all in life, so what is a friend worth to them. People are selfish, arrogant and self-centered. Nobody knows how to make friends. People don’t want it because of the commitment and sacrifice they have to make but what should be made for them. People look down on others because if you have so much what can you give them. Nothing. The word is no longer in existence. People are greedy and only care about themselves. But it gets you nowhere. you could be the most uncaring individual on the planet but you will never know what its like to have a true friend. In as much it means nothing to you, have you ever thought about the fulfilling and unconditional nature that comes with it. You wont see it now, because your whole life has been figured out. You wont care how many friends you lose but you will always be alone. You’ll always be surrounded by friends but not “friends”. You’re selfish and think don’t care about anyone but yourself. Under the law that is governed by the principles of this world, you will suffer as time goes on. You will go through hell when you figure out the friends you bought conditionally has escaped you because you can no longer afford the price. And when you reach out to the afford-ables they will be sold out. And you will be miserable. You will burn, you’ll burn all your pride and prejudice . if you don’t realize the little mistakes and the little things you do to people you take for granted, it will catch up to you. You deserve to suffer because its the law of karma and from a Christian perspective whatever a man sows he will reap.

True friendship is earned and not bought but when tested and situations forces you to the wall and you react positively and respond well to each other. So don’t call me a friend you haven’t earned it because you don’t know what it means and you never will.


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