Life like the Olympics

The games have shown most of us the true meaning of hard work and the sweat and toil of some athletes.It doesn’t really matter which games it was, to some athletes it will come as a talent but to others they would have to work hard in order to achieve what they want. Clara Huges six- time Gold medalist said, ‘All physical comes from the mental.’
The start of every journey is hard and to continue the race constantly is even difficult but there’s an attribute your body will always respond to and that’s hope. People will try to take the shortcut in life with the thought that if they bypass others they would be the first to the finish line. There’s a popular children story but has been taken really lightly, anyone remember the tortoise and the hare! This story not only creates some entertainment for children but teaches them that in life you don’t need to be quick about things try to take the shortcut and drive in the fast lane. The real truth behind this story which seems to be obvious is those who take the fast lane and up in the ditch and become messed up in their own decisions. ‘It’s all about the journey, not the outcome’ Gold Medalist in athletics in 1996, 1992, 1998 and 1984 and also silver medalist in 1988. Some people are comfortable in living the fast life, they cheat through life and make fast money, have the best success but the truth is there’s really no pride or self-respect. You earn all of these things by taking the easy way but you’re never really happy or satisfied. The real joy comes when you are patient with things, hopeful and God-fearing. It’s amazing what the world gives us but indirectly it takes from us and don’t even know it. An example, a guy buys the world’s fastest and expensive car right? he decides to take the car out for a spin everyone is admiring, even hears a few cheers from here and there, hell, people even start taking pictures! Now the person got the car through fraud made a few connections just to impress people. He’s on the road with the car but he sees some of his friends at a distance and decides to speed, he’s in about 70 km/h tops with just a short distance. He drives through really fast but he doesn’t realize the warning sign, ‘Slippery Road’ and drifts through and crashes into a pole. Before anyone could reach the scene the car lit up in flames with petrol gashing out of the fuel tank making it almost inevitable and an already concluded death. 

Let’s just try to see the picture in a more settle perspective, a man has been working for over 15 years he’s worked all his life and hasn’t had enough because he’s a father to 4 and has to pay a lot of school fees to get his children into the best schools which are quite pricy, his wife left him cause he wasn’t progressing effectively, she said he was too patient and took a long time in making decisions he loved her so respected her comments but he just couldn’t change who he was because he knew the principles of life and he wasn’t the type to take the fast lane. He was a workaholic and he loved it, hardworking hardly sociable but he had friends here and there. Most of his friends were always ahead of him making money with no indication of hard work attached to it, some of his friends even had people in high places so links and connections was sort of their living, these type didn’t even like to work. But it didn’t matter to him he continued to work and trust in his abilities he was a strong Christian to make his decisions more precise. One day he got a call from his manager saying he had gotten a promotion and there was a meeting to be held as soon as possible. At the meeting the manager requested to speak and said that, he was a hardworking man one of the best workers he’s ever had never complained about the pay, never threatened to leave or quit, despite not having everything in life he had his God and hard work backing him up. All the workers were silent and noticed who he was. The promotion was even little he was given a car and not just a car but a sports car! He was told to try out the car so he took off. In actual fact you can’t have a sports car and drive slow but it didn’t matter to him. He saw some friends ahead and decided to go the normal speed to greet them, they cheered him on but didn’t have good intensions for him so they didn’t tell him about the ditch ahead. Cause of his gentle and patient nature he noticed the sign ahead and decided to slow down and head the other way, he drove past his friends but they didn’t seem to cheer anymore.

  In simple terms, the moral behind this is that you don’t need to take the fast life to prove anything to anyone. Picabo Street US alpine skiing Olympian said, ‘Nobody needs to prove anything to anybody what they’re worthy of, just the person that they look at in the mirror, that’s the only person you need to answer to.  It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t even matter the difficulty you’re in, understand that its patience and hard work that’s all that wins the race even when other people take the shortcut. You don’t need to copy anyone but let people copy you, the patient, ambitious and driven person you are and that’s the beauty in the struggle and not taking the fast lane. Kim Rhodes said ‘My Competition isn’t resting’. It’s always better to be content in what you have and make the best of it. Truth is you don’t need the flashiest of things, you don’t need the praise from others, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. 

Be patient with life, don’t take the fast lane it may seem tempting but ends up in a bad way. Just maintain your cool, be content, hardworking and wait on your success that way when it comes you’re comfortable because you know you deserve it. My quote is, ‘You miss the journey when you’re on the wrong path’.  


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