Balanced inequalities

After a long absence I finally got to write again, a lot of things have happened over the past few months and as result has pushed me to making some decisions. Some regrettable than others. Just like any teenager you will experience some sense of drama. Most of us have tried to run away from a lot of things but the further we decide to run the less we become free from the worlds obstacles. Some will say you should face your problem but it’s always okay to avoid them, not necessary run away but you get the picture.

The trials that you go through are only a part of the human life, just like how they say it’s our emotions that makes us human. Have you ever thought of the fact that when you do something that someone can’t do but wished they could, they start to hate or criticize? Its funny cause instead of hating why not use that time to do even better than the person. Haters are just time wasters. They envy you for almost every little thing you do, in an environment you are seen as a minor and when you do something that’s massively recognizable everyone feels the need to criticize you. I think we’ve now come to the conclusion that its human nature. There always has to be a balance in this world you win and the other person loses, you live and the other dies, there’s the rich and there’s the poor, it’s a world which is bent on keeping the balance.  I’m sure you’ve already thought of what goes around comes around, a principle that seems to be very effective. If you take from someone, someone will take from you, when you hurt someone, you will be hurt.

In this modern age, the world is trying to remove such a balance and create equality but nature doesn’t deal in equality, it deals in balance. Sometimes the lie outweighs the truth but the truth will always be known some way or the other and that’s the balance.

If you are the type to give always, you will receive more. Just like a person can’t be rich forever, its either you start of well or end well. When you feel like everything is crashing around you, it’s probably because you’ve reached a point where you will need to experience somethings the hard way. After the difficulty of the task, the good times come and then the bad, there’s always this balance! As annoying as it may be it’s the principle this world was built on.

Is it me or we always have to face problems, why? Einstein said, a clever person solves problems but a wise person avoids it. In understanding what Einstein said it is possible to avoid problems, no one is perfect but you could try to be, the world has painted an abstract picture of perfection forgetting that its perfection that holds a building in place, that keeps a car moving, that allows people to travel to space. All these things have been achieved through a perfectionist thinking. But balance says when you build a house, it must grow old, a football player won’t always enjoy success, he would have to lose something in the long run and gain it as time goes on, and that’s how the balance is.

The ability to keep a friend is the most precious thing, it’s difficult to but possible to achieve. Balance can be wrong or right, whichever way I’m not so sure yet but if you do wrong to your friend and it causes you to lose the friendship, someone will also do wrong to you and you may also lose the friendship.

Balance dictates and we are forced to surrender to it and no matter how you try you just can’t fight the balance.


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