Your talents, your moments against social Media

Think about this, social media takes alot of our time and destroys precious moments…

While you hold on to that thought or well you might want to disagree, let me explain. We all have moments in our lives where we just take the phone and browse through our social sites. Yes, well i am a victim of such acts. But lets try to shed alittle light on the dark areas in spending time on social sites.

Your friends call you for a get-together, we all meet up at this beautiful restaurant. To be honest, its almost hard to ignore the bright colours and the 5-star services the restaurant provides. We take our seats at this huge table, everyone starts to admire the extravagance of the table settings, glasses beautifully postioned upside down and the chairs made of fine wood carefully placed at their postions almost like it was put there by robots. We start to talk about the wonderful moments we had back in school, a few laughs are tossed around, few shots are fired but we laughed about it. One of my friends decides to take out his phone and takes a ‘selfie’. In the very instance people gather around him and they all start to take pictures forgetting that we were talking about a past that brought us together. But that split second when someone takes out their phone could disrupt a moment within seconds.

social_media_freakIm a fan of social media, i see it as a means to communicate with friends and family through different forms of media but the true purpose of social media has been darkened and stolen the time we could use to do alot of things.

The average man or woman can spend 89% of their time on social media, enjoying what the world has to offer but have you ever offered yourself anything? Social media takes from you without you taking anything back. We all have talents, visions,dreams and goals but social media has robbed us of all that. Most of us spend countless times trying to become good at our talents, we try to improve every ounce of potential we have at doing something we love. Whilst others spend their time chatting and going out, having fun, posting pictures like its what we were supposed to do each and everyday of our lives. You cant judge someone who has talents,visions,dreams, someone who tries to better himself or herself at doing the thing he or she feels happy doing. Why dont you stop and find what makes you happy, instead of spending time on social media.

It makes no sense if someone stays home practising, trying to be good while someone else is texting, taking pictures, going out and when the time comes for that person to display and he does, you criticize.

Take the time to calculate all the times you lost going out and having fun with the time you could have used to develop yourself. Social media keeps updating to new versions but your versions no longer exists! Cause you are outdated. All this is meaningless, pointless. You rate yourself with the likes you have, the snaps you take, the followers you have. You do have the rating in a digital world but you lost the ratings when it comes to yourself.

Enjoy the moment, put away the social media maybe once in a while, train your talents, stay back, no distractions, no outings…its just you, your talents and dreams that gives you the ratings.Social-Media-Stress-Syndrome


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  1. Goals!!!!!😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
    I like it and you’ve said it all…keep doing what you do and reach out to people. I am just hoping people will read this and change their lifestyle.
    God bless😘

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