‘Label it’

So this the writting is not really mine…i decided to feature one of my really good friends. Hes a good writter so i figured his message needs to be heard…

What do you do when the girl you have feelings for asks you to “label” it?

For me, I think it’s the toughest question a guy would ever have to answer. You’ve only known her for a number of weeks, and both of you have confirmed that you have feelings for each other, just how exactly does she expect you to answer this question?

Its things like this that are plaguing our youth, especially this very idea of “labeling” what it is the two of you have together. Many teens of today find their relationships with others going awry after giving/receiving what they would deem as an incorrect answer to this question. I mean, you wouldn’t exactly want the person to say something like “Oh, we’re just friends”, after several intimate interactions with the person. In all honesty, that’s borderline heart break. Females especially treat this situation with a certain seriousness that guys can’t understand fully, even though we should.

One major thing the couple needs to get straight is how deep they think their feelings are for each other. One wrong assumption and things can just go downhill from there. None of you must think that the other doesn’t like you enough or like you more than you do. This is key to successfully answering that question. It’s very important to know where the both of you stand.

So final word from me is, just be sure of how you feel before you answer.


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