My Words

words-love-ipad-wallpaper  Life always has this turn on you and you really dont know what to do, well words. I cant help but make mistakes saying them. i recently had an arguement with my sister and i kind of regret what i said. Even though the wounds might take some time to heal like a bullet through the heart i knew i had done some major damage. After what i did i had to say i was sorry but since thats a cliche in apologies, i had to tell her how i really felt.

In some twisted events like fighting with your sister you cant help but use the right words, i mean from the heart. I really love her, and i cant let something like this get in the way. I know as siblings we will go through alot but thats the beauty of our relationship, it just makes us stronger, we begin to find all the loopholes and fill them. But shes right sometimes i say somethings that are very hurtful and because she told me that, im going to work on it. I dont want to ever lose her or let her down in anyway, so i have to make things right.

Just like relationships we say ‘i love you’ but we dont often understand the meaning behind it. Love is commitment, faithfulness, trust,compassion,undying love, even when the world is against the two of you, you’ve got each others backs, its kind, pure and everlasting.Breaking up would be the antagonist to love, it  would classify love as not being serious because it didnt fulfill its purpose. I think when we say the word we are suppose to mean it.

I think instead of saying words that kill people, we should say words that breathe life into the people around us.Lean on each others strengths and forgive each others


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