Date OR Pass

So i just decided to talk about relationships,

blogs-the-feed-assets_c-2015-03-163296492-thumb-624x415-287202 I know you would ask me i’m I in a relationship? well no. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and i feel some regret to be honest but i just didnt like the attention. She was cool and fun to be with but its like everyone wanted a piece of the relationship, asking you all sorts of questions all the time, rumors about what you guys do together( like thats anyones business). And yeah,its good to date cause i dont like being alone seriously the feeling of having someone always around you to love you, thats something.
But seriosuly, why should you stay in a relationship or even be in one, well being in a relationship is good, especially if you are like me…when your girl just texts you I LOVE YOU at the end of every conversation, it feels good, trust me. But some people also dont like being in a relationship because of the attention, stress, work, so much, especially when she gets jealous (seeing a girl jealous,bruh just kill yourself). But i mean if she loves you and you love her, the two of you trust each other why should there be any stress or fights in the first place. Thats the thing, but i understand girls, they love the ATTENTION!. If you dont show her attention for one day, she will get mad and your phone battery might die from all her text messages. But seriously girls,you need to trust your guy if you really love him. I mean i’m cool if my girl goes out with her friends or if shes talking to some guy or if some guy likes her…yeah its cool. Ok, im just kidding about all those things, i would actually get jealous,every guy has his weak spots and if your girl knows it she’s probably going to play on them.
Relationships are actually exciting, especially if you want to be serious with it and be real. I mean you have to do some major changes about yourself, lock your feelings from any other girl, be truthful,honest no cheating (especially that) and probably alot of sacrificing. But it pays of it makes your relationship special and worth fight for.
The workaholics, the type to focus solely on eduction, without any social connections. I mean no whatsapp, no twitter,tumblr, facebook,myspace,snapchat…basically those type of people. You might notice that they dont really like to associate themselves wth such things.Yeah i get that, its good but as time goes on and you become all grown you will probably regret some things like, that girl you had a crush on but couldnt tell her, that party you didnt go to and everyone keeps talking about. Funny thing is, it actually grows on you. Its pretty much obvious that they wouldnt want to date, cause they dont find anything productive about in their case its obvious they wont date, they want to focus on their eduction and make a meaning out of life. It almost reminds me of Henry in Selfie, yeah those type of people. To be honest its admiring to see someone so dedicated to their work but you might lose touch of the good things around you.

I really dont know whether i want to date now or till i become alot older but, if i was to date again it should be towords marriage i mean which girl wouldn’t want commitment, its important in your relationships. But if you ask me were i stand in all this i would probably say go for what suits you, if you are the type and you cant stay with the same guy its best if you learn from other relationships before you mature and if you like having someone special then go for it but you must be able to understand each other and trust each other for it to work, others love being single cause it gives them room for alot of other things(i’m talking serious playing around without your girl around to tell you to stop). But for real, where do you stand? I think its your personality that can determine whether you are ready to DATE or PASS.  .891359-young-couple-sharing-a-glass-of-red-wine-in-restaurant-celebrating-or-on-romantic-date-1024x683443_b5aaeba71867d1d6dac03aadea267224


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